Our Company

40 years experience

Alpipress was created by the shareholders to meet the production requirements of a subsidiary company who were developing aluminium and magnesium. It grew over the years, obtaining new projects in different fields. Thanks to the knowledge, the necessary investments and a new company organisation, we could take the opportunity to develop an important business in the automotive sector, without giving up working with our consolidated customers in heating and electric appliances field.

Our Vision

team mind

Consolidation and development of a team mind in order to upgrade a continuous improvement to win the competition. Optimization of the information flows and information exchanges for an effective internal communication and in the relationship to the customers. Waste cut and process optimization for the cost break down.

Our strenght


To reply to the increasing complexity of market enquiries, Alpipress has extensive training programs for the improvement of the professionalism of all the levels, developing the team concept in order to support the customer both for technical-production aspects and service.